Entry #27

You Will Find Me in....

2015-10-05 15:05:29 by spacegod105


I Quit Newgrounds, i download counter strike 1.6 and i start playing, i become Little AMXX Scripter and Medium ZP Scripter (Zombie Plague), if You Want To Talk To Me, Join Those Networks of LogMeIN Hamachi, So We Can Talk and Play My ZP Server.

Network ID: USKNet

Network Pass: 123


Network ID: UskNational1

Network Pass: 123


Network ID: UskNational2

Network Pass: 123


Network ID: UskNational3

Network Pass: 123


And i Find Anothor Website Like Newgrounds, Games and Upload and Posts...

Just Visit playboy.com 



My Name in Hamachi : Fuckararara New

My Name in Cs 1.6 : LegendofWarior

My Name in Play Boy : UNKNOWN


I Have Some New:

Check www.redtube.com for watch HD movies (better than youtube xD)

Check www.playboy.com for best GAMES ever and best ARTISTS ever (better than newgrounds xD)


Im not Faggot :L im just trololololo, and i lose my madness skills, i cant animate, im bored, i didnt have anything to do


And i didnt know anyone now, just put your name, i know:






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2015-10-06 15:58:59

Hi, My name is Dafz! "what the *Carajo" Haha!

spacegod105 responds:

I Still Know You Bro :D