*Vote End*

2014-02-10 14:07:24 by spacegod105

I will creator a sprites 13%...

and i will make a new short...

Edit : Test.


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2014-02-10 14:16:34

What do you mean by 13%? I don't understand.

spacegod105 responds:

i mean the sprites are 13%


2014-02-10 17:34:27

Nice test, but why the Uzis made a normal sound if they're silenced? :P

spacegod105 responds:

because i dont have silended Uzi sound!


2014-02-11 08:18:10

inspired by Grabel? :P

spacegod105 responds:

i made it and i have an idea made by Grabel, i don't stole it!